About us

We are passionate, empathetic and energetic. And we share our knowledge about branding and communication in an open simple and collaborative way, enlightening organizations and helping them to reach their objectives

Light means understanding, confidence, direction. Light means happiness, security, brightness. In branding and communication projects, light might come from a deep understanding of the situation through a collaborative process among different professionals. We work closely with brands and organizations to bring light to their branding and communication projects.


We work with a sequential process to understand our clients reality, design relevant and actionable strategies and develop the action plan to make them real. We can bring light in many challenges following this process.

Light up

Light up

We look at organizations from inside and from outside to understand their reality and their context. In this stage we’ll analyze the company situation, its targets, and the trends and key players in the market.



After the analysis, we will craft the strategy, defining and designing all the key elements to manage the brand correctly such as brand platform, manifiesto, tone of voice or communication ideas.



We will help your brand to shine and stand out by building its key touch points and communication tools that will bring your brand to real life. Additionally, we can work together to implement long term strategies.

We enlighten 
brands through 
creativity and collaboration


Life is “phygital”

Physical and digital are two sides of the same reality. We approach each project from a wide perspective, considering all touch points

Simplicity… is simply better

An easy to follow process raises the relationship with clients and helps the evolution of the project. We try to use simple language and give simple explanations

People have the power

No matter if we talk about clients, team members or collaborators… we believe in empowering people involved in our projects

Collaboration generates flexibility

Liquid and flexible structures are more adaptable. Our network of collaborators allows us to build specific teams of experts in each field, depending on project needs

The diversity improves the result

The mix of different profiles with a clear and common goal is usually a solid guarantee of good results

The connection between art and science allows to go beyond

Rational strategies are not enough to reach the goals. Being inspired by art and popular culture helps us to find innovative solutions


“Brands are the visible part of organizations and connect them with their audiences. With the current complexity, creating long term meaningful connections with consumers is key.”

Gerard Condal

Gerard CondalPlakton Co-Founder

About our name

Plankton are a diverse collection of organisms that live in large bodies of water. Despite being microscopic in size, some of them can be seen glowing at night as they are bioluminescent. As light and collaboration are part of our DNA, we’ve came up with the “neologism” of Plakton to name our project.