Empúries, a magnificent
place with a great history


Every summer, MAC Empúries activates a communication campaign to stimulate awareness and generate interest in the ruins so the visitors in the area incorporate the visit as a cultural activity within their holiday period.

The ruins of Empúries have a very good thing: almost everyone knows them because they are a key enclave at the level of Montserrat or the Sagrada Família, both for domestic public and tourists. But it is also true that many people believe that the museum and the site have not evolved, and this is not in line with the reality of Empúries, which is completely alive.

The fact that the communication of the past has had an institutional tone and has almost always been based on the figure of the Aesculapius, has not helped to generate this feeling of dynamism and to connect with the target.

Strategic approach

With the aim of creating a campaign that is perceived as different and allows MAC Empúries to be shown as a modern and culturally attractive option (as it really is), we have proposed a more emotional campaign that puts people at the center. A campaign that does not talk so much about the MAC, but about what a visit to the ruins can mean for the public.

The campaign is based on the idea that Empúries is a magical place that everyone likes. For 2000 years.

When the Greeks arrived, they stayed. And the Romans did the same. But now, when people visit the site, they also love it (as you can see from the comments posted by visitors on Google Maps, Tripadvisor …).

Somehow, everyone who has had the opportunity to experience Empúries, has liked it. And those who haven’t visited it yet will surely like it too.

The campaign

This year’s campaign puts people at the center and leverages their views to show the magic of the place, turning these current visitors into statues to match them with the ancient inhabitants of Empúries and playing with the idea that the reviews about the site have lingered for over 2000 years.

Creativity has been adapted to different campaign actions, both offline and online, so that it can reach different types of audiences.


Person silhouettes

We turn Empúries visitors into statues by cutting out their silhouettes, which relates current visitors to the representations that remain today of those Greek and Roman inhabitants from the past.


Personal opinions

We associate the silhouettes with personal opinions about Empúries, representing the imprint that Empúries leaves on people.


Campaign claim

We summarize the concept in a claim that highlights this impact from more than 2000 years ago, repeating in a very similar way until now. It is an invitation for the reader to discover this imprint by visiting Empúries.