Go Beyond,
a digital team building
for Infovista


Infovista’s customers, ecosystem and technologies are moving at an unprecedented pace and this requires new behaviors, new mindsets and new ways of working and collaborating. That’s why Infovista presented Go Beyond, a digital event to align the team.

Infovista usually organizes digital events to provide corporate updates, share best practices and align the team. This year, the digital event Go Beyond equiped Infovista’s team with the vision, the info and the confidence needed to surpass themselves, individually and as a team. All along 3 days, the team reinvented itself and started to leave some habits behind, and realized how truly unique is the opportunity they wanted to seize.

The Concept

Go Beyond is an event to look differently at reality and find new ways of doing things. It’s about transforming the mindset to face new challenges and find new solutions.

We used the concept of Kaleidoscope to represent the idea of looking to reality from a different perspective. The mirrors and pieces of coloured glass or paper of a Kaleidoscope, whose reflections produce changing patterns when the tube is rotated, represent a tangible idea of seeing things in a different way and reinterpreting reality.

Graphic System

The visual system was built with Infovista color palette, the shape of a kaleidoscope that sometimes is deconstructed, some evocative pictures and the arrow of the logotype interacting with other assets.

Event touch points design

After creating the event brand visual identity, we’ve designed all its key touch points such as the public website where people enrols to the event, the virtual lobby where the event takes place and all the templates for the speakers presentations and pre-recorded videos or live webinars.