Welcome to the green revolution


Groots consolidates its position as a sustainable brand that seeks a real impact on the planet and evolves its identity and brand universe with a redesign of all touchpoints

Groots is an innovative initiative in the field of vertical hydroponic agriculture that grows and sells live plants and greens grown on urban indoor farms. After their launch and initial consolitation, it was time to work together to evolve the brand’s identity and universe and look for opportunities to clarify messages and improve communication.



If hundreds of years ago agriculture represented a revolution and a huge social change that allowed the inhabitants of that time to settle more firmly around the crop fields, it is now when sustainable agriculture has to represent a new revolution to reverse the exploitation we are causing on the planet. Groots makes a step forward here with its innovative hydroponic vertical system that grow vegetables thanks to water, not earth.

The new brand expression

With its innovative hydroponic vertical system, Groots grows plants and salad sprouts and sells them alive both online and through traditional channels, presenting a fresh and locally grown product with a certain reivindicative, smart and cool tone. All to make its offering visible and recognizable enough to build awareness that would lead to new customers and help them to fulfill the purpose of generating a positive impact to the planet.

Groots font


We’ve chosen an impactful font that reinforces the revolutionary side and combined it with a geometric one that brings an organic touch

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The key visual that unifies a leaf and a drop in a single visual representation acts as a recognizable element across all touchpoints



The vivid colours provide a more modern look and open the spectrum of the brand



The stamp system provides additional elements to recognize the brand

Touchpoints design

In order to build a coherent and recognizable touchpoint ecosystem we have proposed a new look & feel that makes “smart” and “cool” the revolutionary visual language combining some hard graphic elements with more organic and natural ones.



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