Branding our own creature


The challenge to create the brand for our flexible, liquid and multidisciplinary team focused on the creation and activation of meaningful brands. 

Plakton sees brands as the visible part of the business’ strategy of companies and as a connection between the organisations and their targets. It has the objective to help and accompany organisations to create these connections through a simple, open and collaborative process.


As one of the partners passion is diving, we’ve came with the name Plakton, a neologism that comes from “plankton”, those amazing little creatures that live in the sea.

Actually plankton is a set of organisms that live in community suspended in inland or marine waters. Most species are transparent with some iridescence, and present colors only under the microscope. The surface species are bluish, and the others reddish. In addition, it is luminescent, which produces a wonderful phenomenon in waters with a strong presence of plankton.

This name brings positive messages to our brand as it’s connected with the concept of light, which means optimism and transparency, and also to the concept of community, which is related to our collaborative approach.

Visual Identity

Working closer with our friend Roser Padrés, we’ve created a simple and fresh visual identity that expresses the liquid and optimistic approach of the team

Plakton Branding

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