Welcome to Plennum, a boutique consultancy firm


A new boutique consultancy is born

We’ve worked together with the founding partners of Plennum to create the naming, brand and one page website of this new small consultancy firm. If accountancy, taxes or finance are a nightmare for you, people at Plennum are just there to help you and make everything simple.


Plennum is a neologism from the latin word “plenum” that means full

Plennum offers comprehensive services related to accountancy, taxes and financial consulting. With their experience in managing several businesses, they want to share now their expertise by helping other companies with the tough stuff so leaders can focus on what really matters: their businesses.

Plennum is an evocative word that provides some character to the brand and communicates this comprehensive approach. This was the chosen name after several proposals and a naming map

Visual identity

Plennum has a clear and typographic logo that brings a bit of seriousness, matches with the classic character of a latin word and balances the direct and easy tone of voice of the brand. The flat accent on top of the letter “e” shows how to pronounce the name and brings a personal touch to the brand.

Plennum Logo


With it’s simple approach, we developed a one-page website to present it’s services

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