Poble Espanyol,
the versatile space
where history meets
culture and leisure


Poble Espanyol has carried out a process of deep reflection on its value proposition that has led it to redefine its positioning and change its corporate identity.

With almost 100 years of history, the Poble Espanyol has gone through different stages, some darker, such as the post-war or several failed attempts at rehabilitation and some very successful, such as its beginnings during the universal exhibition or its consolidation as a major tourist attraction in the city of Barcelona in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The result of this long evolution, however, brought an excessive weight of the proposal for tourists which decreased the attraction of the venue for the citizenship of Barcelona.

Being aware of this reality and considering that locals and tourists have more similarities now than ever because everyone wants to enjoy authentic spaces and activities, the Poble Espanyol strives to improve its offering by presenting more cultural and leisure events on premises and highlight the enclosure itself, which is a very special space with a huge historical and architectural interest already perceived by the tourists and local people with interests in architecture.

With this change of focus, Poble is evolving its range of services and activities to move from being a space mainly focused on tourists to a versatile venue full of history, culture and leisure targeting a global audience. A space that increases its link with the city of Barcelona, ​​its cultural agents, its citizens and outsiders who visit the city. A meeting point where very diverse people, from here or there, young or old, can enjoy history, culture and leisure in a sustainable way.

El Poble is heading towards being a more attractive, more connected, more sustainable venue matching today’s Barcelona reality and becoming a benchmark for public-private collaboration. The new brand that is presented below aims to reflect that change of view.



The new brand of Poble Espanyol subtly leverages the concept of duality: the space combines a structural and historical component (enclosure) with a dynamic and modern component (what happens inside) that make it such a versatile space that it acts as a meeting point for disciplines and topics that may even be antagonistic or opposite.

For culture, history and leisure lovers who are looking for new experiences, Poble Espanyol offers an emblematic and unique space in the city where history is combined with culture and leisure.

The origins of the town, its location and its structure offer an authentic space with a recognized historical value but also create a context that gives a special personality to the cultural and leisure activities taking place inside.

Whether you are young or old, from here or there, you go alone, in a group or as a family, whoever you are, however you are, if you are interested in history, culture or leisure, Poble Espanyol is so versatile that you’ll find something to be surprised.

Possibly this versatility of the space is precisely the most differentiating element, as it allows to propose a very wide offer and for very diverse audiences, probably like no other space in the city. A space of contrasts where even antagonistic things can be found.

A new font

To create the expression of the new brand of Poble Espanyol, we have represented its unique, special and full of contrasts voice through its own typography.

The new font “Poble Espanyol” expresses the versatility and duality of the enclosure through letters created from antagonistic shapes composed of straight and circular elements inspired by the columns and architectural arches very present in the venue.


A new logo that uses Poble Espanyol’s own typography and emphasizes the concept of space through an abstraction of the arch

To create the new logo, we use the new typography to write the brand name and a graphic element that symbolizes the concept venue based on the counterform of the arch, a particular element present in many windows, doors and arches that was also present in the previous logo.


Graphic system

The architectural element of the arch also serves to build the graphic system, which divides the communication pieces into different parts by contrasting rectangular spaces and arches to represent the idea of ​​duality.

Touch points design

Combining the different elements of the new brand expression, we developed the different applications and touch points with the new identity.

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