P!Òpera, classical opera medleys in an open-air picnic environment


P!Òpera, a new initiative with the aim of bringing opera closer to a mainstream audience, offers classical opera medleys in a picnic surounding

Opera has traditionally been a very elitist discipline and not related with young and mainstream audiences. With the idea to make it more popular and the intention of democratizing it, the event producer Pleisure together with Poble Espanyol have conceptualized a project of opera cycles in a surprising environment.

The project is conceived as a series of famous operas, in medley format and with a shorter duration than regular operas, in a fresh and open-air context and all accompanied by a picnic. The event starts with “Opera Greatest Hits”, “A night with Rossini, Bizet and Verdi” and “A night with Mozart, Donizetti and Puccini”.

Naming and Logotype

The chosen name was P!Òpera and the logotype was built by combining different fonts to remind the idea of medleys

The name P!Òpera somehow unifies the concepts of Picnic and Opera and evoques the popular approach to this discipline. Creating the logo by a combination of different fonts, we represent the idea of medley as each event will have parts of different operas played together.


The brand identity is built with illustrations that combine representations of opera singers with iconic elements of the picnic culture

Graphic System

These visual assets interact together in a grid to create a recognizable visual identity that it’s expressed through a flexible system

Touch points

The system adapts to different sizes and formats and allows to communicate a general brand objective or even an event that takes place on a specific date.