Expert and tailor-made
home care


At Qida they know that home is the best place where a dependent person can live. But organising proper care is complicated and requires a huge effort and dedication.

In order for these people to have a good quality of life, it is sometimes necessary to think beyond basic care and look for a solution that offers constant monitoring and extensive expertise that respond to very specific needs and combine it with a humanistic approach that offers good support throughout the process. And this is what Qida offer.


Qida focuses on improving the lives of dependent people (and their families) with personalised, expert and human home-care.

Qida offers a comprehensive, premium and tailor-made home-care service with a personalised support and a very humane treatment.

This is the only way to achieve a real improvement in the health of users and enable them to live longer at home.

This is reflected in the main claim, Qida – Quality of Life, and is reinforced by a seal that explains how Qida understands “quality of life”.

The new brand expression

The aim of the project was to create a new graphic system for Qida with a double objective:

– To better convey its value proposition that combines a strong experience component (knowledge of the social and health sector, professionalism of its care staff…) with exceptional personalisation and human treatment.

– To increase coherence between the different touch points in order to make the brand more recognisable.

For this reason, we used different visual elements that allowed us to make Qida’s value proposition tangible in its communication applications.



We combine a serif typeface to communicate a more human layer with a sans-serif more linked to expertise. This typographic combination gives us dynamism and allows us to highlight concepts.


Initial Q

We give a relevant role to the initial of Qida so that it can function alone as an identifying element both in the seal and autonomously.


Colours and shapes

We incorporate orange and yellow as secondary colours that provide greater warmth. They are used for small details and above all in the organic shapes of the graphic system that derive from the slope of the tail of the Q.

Visual system

The visual system builds a brand universe that incorporates a more human component without losing the seriousness and elegance associated with a premium service with a high degree of specialisation.

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