Poble Espanyol is beating again in the core of Barcelona


The doors of Poble Espanyol reopen after three months so that local people from Barcelona can enjoy an open space full of culture and leisure

After some weeks of lockdown, Poble Espanyol asked us for a communication campaign to explain nearby citizens that they open again it’s doors and provide an open space to cellebrate life with family and friends. This unique space in Barcelona, with an extension of 40.000 squared meters, offers restaurants, bars and terraces to enjoy life within the city. With this reopening, people can enjoy some tapas or drinks in a nice atmosphere combined with live shows, workshops and activities.

To work in the communication of this new reality, at Plakton we’ve created a specific multidisciplinar team to work closely with our friends at Poble Espanyol to create the concept and visual identity for the communication campaign.

Our main objective was to show the singularity of the space and explain the offering of activities that would take place during the first weeks after the reopening. And to show that everyone can find their place and feel welcomed in this beautiful spot: young people, families with children, the elderly…


Viu la vida! Vine al Poble!

Viu la vida! Vine al Poble!” means “Enjoy life, come to Poble Espanyol”. This claim connects with the feeling of enjoyment after a difficult period of being locked at home. Since the reopening of Poble Espanyol, people have a new and singular space to enjoy life. A town lookalike area in the middle of the city.

Graphic System

We’ve created a graphic system with a strong font, a personalized grid and a fresh colour palette that could present a collage of pictures showing the multiple realities of the venue.

Poble Espanyol identity elements


Bebas Neue is a powerful font that presents a clear reading

Poble Espanyol colours


A fresh colour palette connects with the season and stimulates optimism

Poble Espanyol identity elements


The personalized grid allows us to combine several pictures that show the diversity people can encounter in Poble Espanyol


In order to show the soul of Poble Espanyol, we captured the diversity of it’s buildings, streets and squares paying especial attention to the people strolling around.

People at Poble Espanyol


We’ve created a small clip that shows the feeling people will encounter, with a song made specially for this occasion

If you live in Barcelona or nearby, now you have no excuse: come and stroll through Poble Espanyol streets, have a drink in one of it’s terraces, enjoy the activities or experience a live concert. Viu la vida! Vine al Poble!

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