Bringing a personal touch to Sartorio Abogados


A new brand identity for Sartorio Abogados, a law firm dedicated to civil and commercial advice and conflict resolution

Sartorio Abogados is a Barcelona based law firm founded in 1994. They provide an artisanal practice of the legal profession and advise companies and individuals on civil law, corporate law and dispute resolution with a bespoke service based on a strong knowledge of the Law and a meticulous understanding of the client’s situations. They asked us for a brand restyling so that it could incorporate this artisanal approach.


Visual Identity

We had the objective to create a logo that would combine a classic approach related with trust and rigor of the buffet with a fresh touch related with the young team. Somehow the concept around it would be “modern classic”. At the same time, we wanted to show the heritage and personal touch of the buffet.

Sartorio Abogados identity elements


We used FS Kim font, which has a modern serif and some personal characters with a special angle to provide this combination of classicism and modernity

Sartorio Abogados identity elements

Colour Palette

We used a very simple and sober colour palette based on the colours of the books to create a simple and serious identity

Sartorio Abogados identity elements

A personal touch in the name

The logo combines two particles. The name in capital letters and serif font represents maturity and solemnity

Sartorio Abogados identity elements

A handwritten particle

The descriptor in lettering shows proximity and heritage of a whole family of lawyers

Resulting Logo

The result was a clear logo that combines both classic and modern looks and represents the heritage of the buffet


The main purpose of the website was to build a basic online presence. For that reason, we created a one-page website with basic information.

Sartorio Abogados Website

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