TALKUAL was born in 2019 with the name of Imperfectus and with the mission of eliminating food waste and offering a product that combines quality and proximity

Oriol and Marc realized the amount of fruit and vegetables that was rejected for purely aesthetic reasons and founded Imperfectus to distribute the fruits and vegetables that could not enter the usual commercial channels for not meeting certain specifications.

With this starting point, they decided to collect fruits and vegetables that due to their color, shape or size could not be commercialized and bring these theoretically “imperfect” products directly to the homes of people worried about world’s sustainability.

The project had a very good start but it got to a point that required a more powerful brand discourse and a name change motivated by brand registrability issues. And at this point is when our lives crossed… and love arose 🙂


Concept and claim

TALKUAL contributes to the sustainability of the planet by reducing the waste of fruit and vegetables collecting imperfect products (not suitable for the usual channels for not meeting specifications of shape, size or color) and sending them directly to the end consumer’s home with a lower price than the one offered by large retailers.

It’s time to reconsider our obsession with aesthetics and external beauty and look at what really matters… because normally the potential is always inside.

In fact, many things in this world are imperfect… and it is precisely the acceptance and even appreciation of imperfection that sometimes leads us to a more balanced and healthy outcome. Nature itself is so imperfect that it somehow achieves a completely perfect balance. Imperfections provide a distinctive trait that could become precisely what makes us unique, great, and powerful.

Therefore, imperfections are natural and even something we can value in a special way. And this works perfectly for TALKUAL fruits and vegetables, pieces that are rejected by traditional channels for their strange shapes, colors, or sizes but have enormous potential to fight food waste.

TALKUAL Naturalmente Imperfectos gives value to the imperfection that exists naturally and combats food waste with these fruits and vegetables that no one wanted in the past. Perfection does not exist. But TALKUAL does 🙂


TALKUAL was the recommended name and was chosen (among other proposals) thanks to its simplicity and power but also because it expresses the essence of the brand quite well

TALKUAL fruits and vegetables are completely natural and come to you without artifice, without retouching, without make-up. In short, as they come into the world. Many reject them, but from TALKUAL not only do they not reject them, but they are given value and used to achieve a positive impact for the planet. With this idea, TALKUAL seemed a super interesting name that was also well reinforced with the claim Naturalmente Imperfectos. This claim allowed us to provide a complementary explanation to the name and kept the link in a certain way to the previous name of Imperfectus.

In any case, after some days of considering different names, both we and the client saw it very clearly, because in reality TALKUAL comes from the Spanish expression “tal cual”, which is widely used and means precisely that, that something is as it comes naturally. Therefore, the TALKUAL name is actually on everyone’s lips practically every day, as many of us say the expression “tal cual” several times. And that gives a huge potential to the name.

Brand Manifiesto

In order to define better the brand territory, we have also developed the brand manifiesto, which allows us to provide more detail in the explanation of the name and claim. This manifesto is presented both on the web and in the welcome flyers inside the TALKUAL box.

The new brand expression

In order to build the look & feel of the brand we wanted to combine a certain modern and digital touch that could be related to the “startup” background of the project with some other touches that expressed a certain degree of naturalness and could be related to an agricultural product.


Colour palette

We combine very different greens with a very powerful one to create our own recognizable visual language


Photography art direction

We use different types of photographs: contextual, product and social with the idea of ​​communicating the naturalness of the imperfection, the origin of the products and how you enjoy consuming the product despite its external appearance.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-04 a les 17.15.33

Product illustrations

We propose our own style of illustrations to show the product. With an acrylic finish and showing certain imperfections, we enhance the naturalness of the product.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-04 a les 17.14.48

Illustrations of details and moments

We add a new style of illustrations to be able to represent certain concepts and add more personality to the different pieces of communication.

Touch points design

Combining the different graphic elements and fairly direct and well-rounded messages, we develop all the brand expression along different touch points.

Being a digital business but marketing a physical and very traditional product, we have been able to perfectly apply our “physical” approach, having a completely double approach to solve both digital and offline pieces.

The opinion of the client

“Working with Plakton has been quite an experience! They have been very strict with deliverables and timings and have kept us informed of the status of the rebranding project at all times. In addition, they have taught us techniques and tools to be able to continue applying their approach and have given us very detailed feedback on the developments that we have begun to make internally. I recommend them 100% to make a move of exceptional quality!”

Oriol Aldomà v2

Oriol AldomàCEO & Co-Founder

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